Teaching from the “Box”

What is the “Box”?

The Box is the visible lines connecting our shoulders, ribs, and hips, creating a box known as The Powerhouse. 

In this workshop, you will learn:

  •  How to use the bodies’ Box to make corrections, direct spinal movement, and to understand the motion of movement. 
  • You will learn basic corrections from a place of finding your shape and making corrections that are easy to communicate and simple for clients to follow, understand, and self-correct. 
  • Rib and hip connections. 
    • Yes, you should be able to breathe without splaying the ribs
  • Shoulder and rib connection. 
    • How to open the shoulders without arching the back
  • Pelvic alignment 
    • Is it neutral? What is neutral? Is it “tucked” (posterior tilt)? 
  • The 5 directions that the spine moves and how to make sure you keep your shape.

Who is this class for?

• Teachers who want to be able to give efficient quick cues without over-explaining the body. (We all know how bored we get when we are given an anatomy class when all we want to do is MOVE!)

• Students/clients who want to dive deeper into the work of Pilates for their own practice.

• Anyone who teaches a movement modality and wants to dive deeper into core connections. 


$99 /2 hr Virtual Workshop 

When: Friday, May 29th

Time: 10 am – 12 pm EST

Materials needed: Mat, wall, mirror, Colored tape, string/yarn, dowel rod, or bar.

To enroll simply click the PayPal link below. Once your payment has been received, a member of the Warehouse Team will send a follow-up email that will contain a Zoom link.

For more information, please contact Brenda@WarehousePilates