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Are you new to Pilates but feel lost when in a group class? Would you like to gain a better understanding of why you’re doing an exercise and the correct way to do it? If so, then join us for one hour as we remove the mystery of the Reformer, and help you to become familiar with the basics of Pilates. 
Week One: What is this big “bed” you call a Reformer, and why is Footwork so important?
In this workshop you will learn:
  • How to set up your Reformer
  • Understand the springs and how to adjust the footbar
  • Learn how to do Footwork, Bridges, The Hundreds and Series of 5 correctly
Equipment used: Reformer and Springwall
Week 2:  Put my hands and feet in what?
In this workshop, you will learn:
  • Connect your glutes and inner thighs by doing “feet in straps” correctly (where should you feel it and what muscles are working)
  • Connect your upper back, triceps, and lats when using the short loops
  • Week 1 Refresher
Equipment used: Reformer and Springwall
Week 3: Let’s put it all together.
In this workshop you will learn:
  • Forward and rear-facing rowing, and how these important exercises work the muscles in your chest, arms, and upper back.
  • Learn how to elevate these exercises by changing your body position and spring resistance
  • Week 2 Refresher


Offered at our South Lyon location only*

Next dates TBD

*Use your class credits or membership to book.

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